Learn about Charlotte’s past from the comfort of your home or classroom and explore the Queen City’s colonial and revolutionary history while learning about all the people who helped build the Charlotte we see today.

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For additional information about any of the programs listed below, please email K-12 Education Specialist Lauren Wallace at lauren@charlottemuseum.org.

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We at the Museum realize our community is dealing with unprecedented circumstances and we will continue to be here throughout this pandemic to provide context, learning opportunities, and entertainment – all from the comfort of your couch.

These resources are being made available by our education staff specifically to help serve students who are unable to join us at the Museum as a result of COVID-19. The Museum is offering these programs free of charge to our community, but please consider making a donation to CMH to help us continue offering programs like these to students whose learning has been impacted.

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The Museum is doing all we can to be here for our community and we need our community to be here for us at this uncertain time. Please donate to help us continue to offer new digital programming for free to those most impacted in our community.

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