We are currently accepting applications for our Fall 2020 Internship Program. In order to be considered for one of our Internship positions, please submit your completed application to Lauren Wallace by emailing lauren@charlottemuseum.org. We look forward to receiving your application.

Please note: In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, this fall’s internship program will be remote only.

Thank you for your interest in becoming an intern at The Charlotte Museum of History. If you become a CMH intern, you’ll gain hands-on experience in the field of public history and explore a multitude of possibilities for careers in the field. If you are considering a career in public history or simply want to learn more about what museums do, we encourage you to apply!

Our interns:

  • Have a passion for American history!
  • Are comfortable wearing colonial attire and period costumes;
  • Are productive working alone or as part of a team; and
  • Are in good academic standing at their college or university, with a GPA of 3.0 or above.

Successful candidates should have:

  • A demonstrated ability to communicate clearly verbally and in writing with audiences at every learning level;
  • A professional and engaging demeanor that helps you connect with your audience;
  • A demonstrated ability to synthesize information from a variety of sources;
  • Quick facility with learning new material and programs;
  • Strong organizational skills;
  • Demonstrated success at meeting deadlines;
  • Proficiency with electronic tools including Windows computer, iPad, and software programs such as Word and Excel; and
  • Demonstrated success in college-level history courses or courses in a related field of study.

Apply for an internship by submitting the following materials:

  •  The application below;
  • A letter detailing your interest;
  • Your resume;
  • Two letters of recommendation; and
  • A writing sample of no more than two pages on an academic or scholarly subject. Good examples include an excerpt from a term paper for a history class, from articles you’ve published, or from an undergraduate or master’s thesis.

Submit everything as one package, please. Send the application package to Lauren Wallace at lauren@charlottemuseum.org.

*All interns must also be willing to undergo a background check.*

Click here for application

We love volunteers!

Volunteers were instrumental in the preservation of the Hezekiah Alexander Home Site and the establishment of The Charlotte Museum of History.  Volunteers continue to play a meaningful role in our operations by working with staff to welcome guests and provide guided tours.

Volunteering at The Charlotte Museum of History is a great way to learn more about history, meet new people, learn and share information, and make a real contribution to our cultural life are just a few of the benefits volunteers can receive for their time and effort.

To learn more about volunteering at the Charlotte Museum of History, contact Education Specialist Angel Johnston at 704-569-1774 or angel@charlottemuseum.org

If you are interested in becoming a CMH volunteer, please complete this short application.

Volunteer positions are open to all individuals who meet the qualifications, without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, or disability.