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Bring Local History to Life For Your Students

Give your kids a one-of-a-kind adventure to Charlotte’s past! Join us at the Charlotte Museum of History as we explore the history of our region through a series of interactive journeys. Visit the 1774 Hezekiah Alexander Homesite and our collection of unique artifacts that tell the story of Charlotte’s growth from a sleepy hamlet in the Carolina Backcountry to the major metropolitan city it is today. Your students will experience history up close and personal as they learn about the life of a backcountry patriot in early colonial Mecklenburg, join the American Revolution in Charlotte, learn how to survive on the edge of empire, and more!

We can schedule your field trip Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00am until 5:00pm. We deliver most programs on-site at the Charlotte Museum of History, but we can also travel to your school for a nominal additional fee. Need a program delivered outside of our standard hours? Let’s talk about it!

For additional information about any of the programs listed below, please email K-12 Education Specialist Lauren Wallace at or call 704-568-1774. To schedule your visit, please complete our Field Trip Request Form.

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Financial Assistance

We know that the cost of a trip can sometimes be a barrier to visitation for a few of our students. Thanks to a grant from the Charlotte Woman’s Club and a donation from Van & Kay Weatherspoon, we have a small pool of funds available to help offset the cost of a few tickets and make it possible for everyone from the school to attend. These funds are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. To request consideration please complete this form and our K-12 Education Specialist will be in touch shortly. Please note, these funds are intended to help supplement existing fundraising efforts currently undertaken by our schools and are not intended to cover the cost of an entire trip.

Finding the Right Trip For Your Students

The following chart is designed to help determine the best fit for your students. Each program may be adapted for multiple audiences but was designed with a particular audience in mind. The following are suggestions for target audiences based on the curriculum alignment with the Common Core and North Carolina Essential Standards.

*Programs for middle and high school students are designed in consultation with the instructor. Simply select “Middle School” or “High School” on the Field Trip Request Form and our K-12 Education Specialist will be in touch shortly.

  Pre K – 2nd 3rd – 5th 6th – 8th 9th – 12th Homeschool + Multi-age Available for offsite delivery?
When Charlotte Was Young Like Me X       X Yes
Colonial Charlotte X X     X No
Revolutionary Charlotte   X     X Yes
It All STEMs from Here   X X   X No
History Detectives Primary Source Residency Program     X X   Yes

Over the course of a two-hour program, kindergarten students will travel back in time to when Charlotte was just beginning. Through a series of interactive stations, students will explore the history of early Charlotte and Mecklenburg County to learn about the three cultures that called the Carolina Backcountry home: the European settlers, Africans, and Catawba.

  • Dress the part! Students slip on a costume to explore the type of clothing each culture would have worn. Then go on a tour of an 18th-century house.
  • Grab a bite! Students get a taste of the Carolina Backcountry by exploring the types of foods and crops grown by the Europeans, Africans, and the Catawba.
  • Join the band! Students practice their movement skills and make their own banjo while exploring the different sounds and music of the Carolina Backcountry.
  • Become a craftsman!  Students learn about the official North Carolina art medium and try their hand at making a clay pinch pot – just like the Catawba or Europeans would have.

Price: $10/student; $5/chaperone
Time: 2 hours
Location: At the Charlotte Museum of History; at your school (additional $50-$100 offsite setup fee depending on location)
NCES: K.G.2.2; K.C.1.2; K.ML.1.3

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The city of Charlotte was founded 250 years ago and since then millions have called the Queen City home. But what was it like to live here in Mecklenburg County when Charlotte was just a small village surrounded by farmland and wild woods? Join the Charlotte Museum of History to travel back to Colonial Charlotte and see the spaces, touch the objects, and hear the sounds of the past. Over the course of this two-hour program, students tour the historic Hezekiah Alexander Home Site while learning about the people who lived here 250 years ago.

  • Tour Hezekiah Alexander’s 1774 rock house and learn about the man who helped create the state of North Carolina as well as the other men, women, children, and enslaved people who called the Rock House home.
  • Explore a colonial kitchen and learn about the different foods each culture contributed to the Carolina Backcountry.
  • Visit a colonial store to learn how colonists used their natural resources and bartering in order to make a living.

Price: $6/student, $5/chaperone
Time: 2 hours
Location: At the Charlotte Museum of History
NCES: 3.H.1; 3.E.1; 3.G.1; 3.C.1

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Science, technology, engineering, and math!  These topics do not immediately come to mind when you think of history, but we think they should.  Join the Charlotte Museum of History to see where all of our modern technologies came from and learn more about the people who created them.  In this two and a half hour program, students will learn critical problem solving skills to better tackle difficult concepts by and be encouraged to recognize the impact of early technological advancements on their lives today.

  • Learn all about how Native Americans like the Catawba harnessed the natural environment to create strong materials and try your hand at making your own Native American inspired cordage.
  • Visit the Spring House to explore early refrigeration before applying the scientific method to determine which body of water works best for each task you need to complete to live in the Carolina Backcountry.
  • Help construct the Rock House to determine how early Americans engineered, constructed, and controlled the climate in their new homes… all without the use of electricity!
  • Become a culinary chemist and learn how acids and bases were used to preserve food in Mrs. Alexander’s kitchen.

Price: $8/student and $5/chaperone
Time: 2 hours
Location: At the Charlotte Museum of History

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Enter the hornets’ nest and join the rebellion in Mecklenburg County!  In this two and a half hour program, students act as reporters for one of North Carolina’s first newspapers, The Cape Fear Mercury. They will travel back in time to Charlotte on the eve of the American Revolution to gather information from residents and learn how the coming conflict has impacted their everyday lives.

  • Declare independence from English laws and sign the Mecklenburg Resolves.
  • Be a guest at Mrs. Alexander’s sewing party and learn how creating fabric could be an important political act.
  • Become a spy and help warn the colonial militia about General Cornwallis’ march on Charlotte.
  • Join the colonial militia and practice drills to prepare for the coming Battle of Charlotte.

Price: $10/student and $5/chaperone
Time: 2 hours
Location: At the Charlotte Museum of History; at your school (additional $50-$100 offsite setup fee depending on location)
NCES: SS5.H.1; SS5.H.2; SS5.C&G.1

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Build students’ skills at primary-source analysis with the Charlotte Museum of History’s History Detectives residency program. During the residency, students will engage directly with artifacts, documents, and images from the past. They will learn the critical skills required for primary source analysis and expand their understanding of what mysteries they can solve from even the smallest pieces of evidence. History Detectives can be customized based on both grade-level and subject-matter to suit the needs of your classroom, but suggested topics include:

  • The Colonial Backcountry: the journals of William Alexander provide insight on how rural communities in the Backcountry obtained and sold goods across long distances.
  • Liberty, the Founding Ideal: an examination of international founding documents challenges students to analyze the meaning behind some of our most treasured ideals.
  • Charlotte at War: letters from the CMH collection help us understand what life was like on the front lines during World War I.
  • Backcountry Housewife: explore the role of women in early America by learning all the different types of primary sources historians use to tell the story of our subjects including objects, tools, clothes, and spaces.

Price: $10/student + $100 offsite setup fee
Time: 3 sessions, 50-60 minutes each
Location: At your school
NCES: AH1.H.1; AH1.H.6; AH1.H.7; AH2.H.1; AH2.H.7

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