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Field Trips

Bring Local History to Life For Your Students

Give your kids a one-of-a-kind adventure to Charlotte’s past! Join us at the Charlotte Museum of History as we explore the history of our region through a series of interactive journeys. Visit the 1774 Hezekiah Alexander Homesite and our collection of unique artifacts that tell the story of Charlotte’s growth from a sleepy hamlet in the Carolina Backcountry to the major metropolitan city it is today. Your students will experience history up close and personal as they learn about the life of a backcountry patriot in early colonial Mecklenburg, join the American Revolution in Charlotte, learn how to survive on the edge of empire, and more!

We can schedule your field trip Tuesday through Friday from 9:00 am until 3:00 pm. We deliver most programs on-site at the Charlotte Museum of History, but we can also travel to your school for a nominal additional fee. Need a program delivered outside of our standard hours? Let’s talk about it!

Please email Mea Agazio, Education Specialist, at for more information.

Schedule Your Visit Today!

Due to a high volume of bookings, there are no more available times for field trips in December 2022. We are very sorry for this inconvenience.

In addition, we are currently implementing a new field trip booking website for 2023 and beyond! For those interested in booking a field trip, please stay tuned for more information in the new year.

Please email Mea Agazio, K-12 Education Specialist, at, with any questions or concerns. 

Current Programs

Catawba Pottery & Storytelling

Description: Explore the history and culture of the Catawba Nation and their pottery tradition that has persisted for generations. Students will be able to identify the unique features of Catawba pottery, explain the importance of preserving indigenous cultural traditions, and think critically about the use of Catawba pottery to tell stories and teach lessons. This program is available until February 2023.
Activities Included: This program includes a guided tour of the historic homesite, a guided tour of the 'Language of Clay: Catawba Indian Pottery and Oral Traditions' exhibit, and a pottery animal craft.
Grade-level: K-6th grade
Price: $15/student

Music in the Piedmont

Description: Learn about the diverse musical traditions in 18th-century Charlotte by exploring the cultural and musical developments of the people living here: the Catawba Nation, African Americans, and Europeans. Each cultural group created and played different instruments to express themselves, making for quite the unique music scene in the Carolina Backcountry!
Activities Included: This program includes a guided musical experience with various instruments, a storytelling activity using drums, and a banjo craft.
Grade-level: K-3rd grade
Price: $12/student

Hornets' Nest of Rebellion

Description: The American Revolution was won not only through battles and proclamations, but also through the stealthy spreading of ideas and military strategy throughout the colonies. Students will explore the many covert ways in which revolutionaries, spies, and double agents spread their contentious messaging of American independence through the Carolina Backcountry by crafting their own secret messages using similar techniques.
Activities Included: This program includes a guided spy-craft activity and a guided tour of the 1774 Alexander Rock House and Homesite.
Grade-level: 3-8th grade
Price: $16/student

Wild Charlotte

Description: What did Charlotte's landscape look like before it was called 'Charlotte'? Students are able to visualize the early days of Charlotte when it was still part of the wild Carolina backcountry, when humans and the natural world lived side-by-side. Students will identify native plants to North Carolina, explore the various and innovative uses of natural resources in daily life, hear about the different animals who inhabited this space 250 years ago and beyond, and determine the environmental impacts of European settlement and colonization.
Activities Included: This program includes a guided nature walk through the historic Alexander homesite, and a craft.
Grade-level: Pre-K - 3rd grade
Price: $15/student

Writing the Revolution

Description: The American Revolution saw the creation of many influential documents that are still very much significant and relevant to the United States today. Students are able to explore the ideas discussed in these documents that hold both national and local significance, including the Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, the legendary Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence, Mecklenburg Resolves, and North Carolina's State Constitution. Using these documents, students will learn about how the principles of freedom, liberty, self-governance, and independence have evolved over time.
Activities Included: This program includes a guided tour of the 1774 Alexander Rock House, an 18th-century handwriting activity with quill pens, and a bookmark craft.
Grade-level: 7-12th grade
Price: $16/student

Early Charlotte (Guided Homesite Tour Only)

Description: In 1774, the Alexander family moved into the Rock House. Today it is the last standing home of a framer of North Carolina's first Constitution and Bill of Rights, but what was it like to live here almost 250 years ago? By exploring the Rock House, Kitchen, Springhouse, and grounds of the historic Homesite, students will learn more about the early people who called Charlotte home, including members of the Catawba Nation, enslaved Africans, and the Alexanders themselves.
Activities Included: This program includes a guided tour of the 1774 Alexander Rock House and Homesite.
Grade-level: All ages
Price: $8/student

Chat with a Curator (Outreach Learning Program)

Description: Hear about the people and objects whose stories we tell as our educators come to you. Suggested topics include Catawba Pottery, Siloam School, the 1774 Alexander Rock House and Early Charlotte, or any of our current exhibitions. Educators will bring objects and images from our collection to your location as part of this program.
Activities Included: This program includes a guided outreach experience using museum collection materials and a craft.
Grade-level: All ages
Price: Prices vary depending on class size and travel costs.

Hidden History: The Story of Siloam (Virtual Program)

Description: Sponsored by the Truist Foundation, this program brings the museum into the classroom by using digital materials, museum resources, and educators to tell the story of the Siloam School and the Rosenwald Fund. Designed for a middle school and high school audience, this program covers themes related to educational equity since the 1920s, African American history in Charlotte, African American resilience, community-led change, and the legacy of Jim Crow.
Activities Included: This virtual program includes an interactive presentation, virtual tour inside the Siloam School, and supplementary classroom activities.
Grade-level: 7-12th grade
Price: Free

Financial Assistance

We know that the cost of a trip can sometimes be a barrier to visitation for a few of our students. Thanks to a grant from the Charlotte Woman’s Club and a donation from Van & Kay Weatherspoon, we have a small pool of funds available to help offset the cost of a few tickets and make it possible for everyone from the school to attend. These funds are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. To request consideration please complete this form and our K-12 Education Specialist will be in touch shortly. Please note, these funds are intended to help supplement existing fundraising efforts currently undertaken by our schools and are not intended to cover the cost of an entire trip.

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