• Hours of Operation
    The Charlotte Museum of History is open Tuesday-Saturday, 11:00am-5:00pm
  • Tour Times
    Tours for walk-in visitors are conducted every hour beginning at noon. The last tour to go out is at 4:00pm.
    *On particularly busy days tours may go out every thirty minutes, rather than every hour.
  • What is the tour about? How long does the tour last?
    The tour lasts approximately 45 minutes. During the tour, guests will go inside the Hezekiah Alexander Rock House (built ca. 1774), the Kitchen, and the Springhouse. In addition to viewing these buildings and hearing about what life was like for the Alexanders and other colonial European settlers, guests will also learn about the Catawba Indian Nation and what life might have been like for the enslaved members of the Alexander household.
  • Can we go inside the house? Why can’t we go inside the house without a tour?
    Yes, guests on a tour will be able to go inside the house. The house is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and contains many fragile antiques within. As stewards of the site, we must ensure that the home and the objects within are treated with respect. For this reason, guests must be accompanied by a tour guide if they wish to see the interior of the buildings.
  • Can we walk around outside?
    After paying admission, you are welcome to walk around on the grounds without a tour guide. You will need a tour guide to go inside the buildings. Paying admission is required in order to walk around the grounds.
  • Can we take pictures?
    Visitors are allowed to take pictures for private use in the museum and the house. However, professional photography or videography requires approval from the President & CEO and a $100.00 photography fee.  Personal photography is considered what would be typical of a tourist visiting the museum and only intended for private use.  Photographers taking photographs, recording video, movie, a scripted scene, posed photos, or anything to be used for professional use will require approval and the payment of a fee.
  • Where are the restrooms?
    The women’s restroom is on the first-floor hallway toward the Art Gallery and just before the Backcountry Gallery. An additional women’s restroom is directly above, on the second floor. The men’s restroom is down the first-floor hallway toward the Liberty Gallery and Great Hall. An additional men’s restroom is directly above, on the second floor. *Note that the restrooms are for paying guests only. The exception is service personnel, such as our mail carrier or technicians here working on something.
  • Can you rent the museum?
    Yes, the museum galleries and meeting rooms are available for rent. Guests may contact the Facility Rentals Manager, Tracy Ryals, at 704-568-1774 ext. 106 or tracy@charlottemuseum.org to inquire about specific rental dates and policies or visit the Facilities Rental page for more information regarding pricing, seating capacity, and availability.