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Individual Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering at The Charlotte Museum of History is a great way to learn more about history, meet new people, learn and share information, and make a real contribution to our cultural life! Volunteers were instrumental in the preservation of the Alexander Homesite and the establishment of The Charlotte Museum of History, and they continue to help us welcome guests, give tours, and much more.

Available Opportunities

  • Docent/Tour Guide
  • Visitor Services
  • Large Programs & Events
  • Private Event Rentals
  • Landscaping & Museum Facilities Upkeep
  • Living History Demonstrations
  • Collections Work/Exhibits

Interested? Complete our volunteer application. You can also reach out directly to the museum at for more information.

Be a part of history this February

Volunteer for the 2024 African American Heritage Festival

Join the celebration and volunteer for our African American Heritage Festival! As we gear up for our biggest event of the year we need YOUR passion and energy to make it unforgettable!

Group Volunteer Opportunities

Are you part of a corporate or civic organization that volunteers to make your community better? The Charlotte Museum of History is the perfect place for your group community service! Opportunities include homesite preservation and cleaning, groundskeeping, community workshops and events, and much more.

Community Events: The Museum is pleased to offer large free-to-our-community events throughout the year including the African American Heritage Festival and the Indigenous Peoples Celebration. These events benefit from additional help from community organizations to assist with setup, cleanup, and visitor services.

Homesite Preservation: We are fortunate to have over 7 acres of beautiful grounds, but from to time they can use a bit of a cleanup. We are looking for help clearing any branches or leaves from community spaces, ensuring no litter has made its way onto the grounds, and raking the gravel paths.

We also request assistance with our quarterly deep cleans of the historic structures including dusting, sweeping, and general clean-up following museum best practices. Please note, any work in the historic structures is supervised by Museum staff and volunteers agree to undergo training prior to any work being completed.

Site Beautification: The entrance of the Museum is planted with perennials and shrubs that are welcoming – and in need of a refresh! There are also grassy areas, enjoyed by students and families, that could be revived with new seeding and fertilizer. There are several shrubs that should be removed, the grassy areas need to be resown with seed, and there is light weeding needed throughout the beds.

Interested? Complete our volunteer application. You can also reach out directly to the museum at for more information.

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