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What We Do For The Community

Saving Our Past

Preserving our historic built environment is an important part of creating a culturally, economically, and environmentally sustainable city. Historic buildings provide a tangible connection to our history, add personality and character to our streetscapes, and provide incubator space for entrepreneurs and artists who need lower-cost rents while establishing their businesses.

Sharing Stories

The Charlotte Museum of History saves and shares the Charlotte region’s history, connecting the past to current issues and opportunities. We believe a shared understanding of the past can enrich the community’s future, and we work to tell the stories of all parts of our community and all those who have inhabited our area.

Building a Community

This spring the Museum launched an ambitious new strategic plan to guide our institution over the next five years. A desire to serve our community is at the center of this new vision for who we are. Through our programs, exhibits, and dialogues we look to help create a united Charlotte using knowledge of its history to build a future with greater opportunity for all.

Strategic Plan 2022-2027

The Museum's strategic plan includes ambitious goals to guide us towards accomplishing our mission. These goals build on more than 40 years of history preservation and education.

Read Our New Strategic Plan
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