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Boredom Busters

Colonial Soup in the Springtime

Asparagus was a readily available vegetable in the colonial world. We find references or receipts (the 18th-century word for “recipe”) for soups, side dishes, and even pastries stuffed with this green food. Asparagus is relatively easy to grow and is one of the first fresh foods to be ready for harvest after a long winter. Use this recipe to try your hand at making a colonial-inspired asparagus soup.

Celebrating Earth Day at the Springhouse

To celebrate Earth Day, we shared how we preserve not only the built environment, but also the natural environment at the 1774 Rock House.

To learn how you can do your part, check out the UNC Charlotte Urban Institute project “Keeping Watch” on their website. We love the 2015 project on creeks and even have an exhibit at the Museum you can visit once we are able to be together again!

Getting to Know the Queen City

We miss getting out to explore Charlotte too, but now is a great time to brush up on your Queen City History and create a list of places to visit.

Activity: We encourage you to virtually explore our city by watching WTVI’s Trail of History. The episodes are full of inspiring stories of people doing extraordinary things. Some of our favorites are “North Carolina Gold,” “Civil Rights Attorney Julius Chambers,” and of course the episode about our very own Museum!

Click/tap here to watch the entire first season of “Trail of History” at PBS Charlotte (WTVI).

Making a Difference

We know lots of people are looking for ways to get involved and do good during this pandemic. In times of crisis, people throughout history have found ways to offer assistance and aid to those who needed it.

Activity: For this week’s Boredom Buster check out this video on our Facebook page to learn how to sew haversacks – something women did here in Charlotte during the American Revolution to support the cause. Then, be sure to explore ways to get involved today from Atrium Health and the CDC including using your sewing skills to help make masks for health care workers and others in our community.

Be a Naturalist

Did you know explorers and naturalists were once the rock stars of the early colonial world? People like John Lawson traveled the world learning about new people, cultures, plants, and animals.

Activity: Be your own naturalist and create your own guide to the Animals of the Carolina Backcountry. We even got things started for you with an entry on the Carolina Parakeet – yes, North Carolina once had its very own parrot.

Bonus Activity: Need more inspiration? Check out this live recording of the Charlotte Readers Podcast we hosted last year where author Scott Huler talks about recreating Lawson’s 1701 journey. Please note, this podcast features a discussion of Lawson’s death and may not be appropriate for our youngest listeners.

Our Queen City Namesake

Queen Charlotte was an inspirational monarch in the midst of incredible changes in her world. She championed music, science, learning, the end of the transatlantic slave trade, and more.

Activity: Explore our “Did you know?” flashcards and use the information to create your own guide to our Learn about our Charlotte Namesake.

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