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MeckDec Week Celebration

Join us to celebrate the 245th anniversary of the legendary Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence. Explore the case for and against the existence of this document that has captured the imagination of Charlotteans for generations.

Special thanks to our partners The May 20th Society and The Charlotte Readers Podcast for joining us in our celebrations.

Unexpected Homeschoolers: Live From The Spirit of Mecklenburg

Join Education Specialists Lauren and Angel as they celebrate the legendary MeckDec in the shadow of “The Spirit of Mecklenburg.”

Activity: Explore the Trail of History website to learn more about all the legendary people in Charlotte’s History who have been immortalized in bronze. Who do you think should be added to this list? Create your own “Trail of History” with important people in your life or in our Queen City History by using this template.

Virtual Tour: Chas Fagan Retrospective

Chas Fagan is one of Charlotte’s most distinguished artists. A Pennsylvania native, his love of history inspires his portfolio of sculpture, portraiture, and landscapes. He has re-envisioned the likenesses of Neil Armstrong, Mother Teresa, Revolutionary War General Nathanael Greene, and more. On display at the Charlotte Museum of History are maquettes, models, and test portions of his larger than life sculptures, as well as paintings from his personal collection. “Spirit of Mecklenburg,” Charlotte Museum of History Collection. Catawba Pottery, Artist: Arzada Sanders, on loan from Euldean Miller. All other works: Collection of Chas Fagan.

Live Reading of the Mecklenburg Declaration

Join Charlotte Museum of History volunteer and historian Robert Ryals as he declares the citizens of Mecklenburg County a free and independent people from the steps of the 1774 Rock House.

Lunch & Learn: The Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence

In this special MeckDec edition, Charlotte Readers Podcast host Landis Wade chats with Scott Syfert, co-founder of the May 20th Society, about his search for the truth about the legendary Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence. Did Charlotte’s citizenry throw off the yoke of British rule on this day 245 years ago? Will the truth ever be uncovered?

Into the Vault: Collections Highlight

We are revealing a never-before-seen historic document that was donated to the Museum’s collection two years ago by the Lyerly family. Not only does it have a connection to the Declaration’s infamous messenger Captain Jack, it also has a connection to Hezekiah and William Alexander.

Signers Cemetery Tour

Join us for a virtual tour of the grave sites of each signer of the legendary Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence. What did they do with their lives? Where did they end up? Let’s find out!

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