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Supperland Restaurant & Speakeasy

  • Original Construction: 1948 & 1956

    Preservation Project Completed: 2018 - 2021

  • Preservation (Commercial) – Restoration of an historic commercial structure

Supperland Restaurant & Speakeasy

Inside of the Main Dinning Area
Back Courtyard and Entrance to the Restaurant
Building of the Bar During the Renovation Process
View of the Bar After the Renovations
Dinning Room After the Renovations with the Center Aisle Homage Still Visible
View of the Dinning Room in the Midst of the Renovations
Fourteen Foot Grill Situated in What Was Once the Chancel Area of the Church
Front Entrance After the Renovation Process
Front Entrance During the Renovation Process
Owners Jamie Brown & Jeff Tonidandel
Closeup of the Seating in the Main Dining Space Including Repurposed Church Pews
Stairway During the Restoration
Wall Texture Closeup

About the Project

Award-winning restaurant Supperland opened in March 2021 in two historic church buildings in Plaza Midwood, one of Charlotte’s oldest neighborhoods. The husband-wife owners, Jeff Tonidandel and Jamie Brown, chose to preserve the red brick exteriors of the two historic buildings (built in 1948 and 1956) and to tell the story of their original use as a church with some of the restaurant’s interior elements, including staining the original floors to highlight the center aisle of the church and creating a show kitchen to draw the eye to where the energy would have been in the church – toward the pulpit and choir. They also kept original walls that were rough from plaster being torn off over the years. In addition to the restaurant, the couple created a speakeasy in an unfinished basement in the smaller of the two historic church buildings. Repurposing these old church buildings in Charlotte, a city known for its churches and church architecture, preserves a valuable marker of the city’s past.

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