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Mad About Modern



What to Expect

  • No. Each of the homes on this tour are someone’s home and not open to the public. Please be respectful of the owners and do not attempt to visit these homes outside of the tour.

  • The tour begins at 10 am on Saturday, September 24 and runs until 4 pm. Attendees may visit the homes in any order. Simply check in at any of the homes to receive your welcome materials. Mad About Modern Tour merchandise, food, restrooms, and other amenities are located at the Charlotte Museum of History (3500 Shamrock Drive) "Midcentury Auto Show" tour stop.

  • Virtual homes provide an opportunity to showcase important parts of our midcentury + modern built environment that may not be otherwise accessible due to constraints such as parking. We are including one bonus virtual home on the 2023 Mad About Modern Home Tour.

More Information

  • All proceeds from the Mad About Modern Home Tour support The Charlotte Museum of History, a nonprofit that shares Charlotte’s history through the stories of its people, places and events and encourages historical perspective. The Museum is the steward of the Hezekiah Alexander House (ca. 1774) and home site, the oldest home in Mecklenburg County.

  • The Charlotte Museum of History presents the Mad About Modern Home Tour to celebrate and foster appreciation of midcentury + modern architecture and design, as well as contemporary thinking in these fields, by encouraging education, preservation, and sustainable modern living in the greater Charlotte area. Our historic built environment adds value to the Charlotte region in the following ways:

    • Historic buildings provide a tangible connection to our history.
    • Historic buildings add personality and character to our streetscapes and keep them from appearing bland and boring.
    • Historic buildings provide incubator space for entrepreneurs and artists who need lower-cost rents while establishing their businesses.
  • Sponsorship is a great way to have a positive impact on our historic built environment and support the Museum's ongoing work in the community. Sponsorship materials are available on the tour Sponsorship page, but please reach out to Lauren Wallace, Development Director at for more information. 

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